Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Communication Styles

Ella: Hare-son, move.

Harrison: (no comment)

Ella: (screaming) Hare-son, MOVE!

Harrison: (elbows her leg)

Ella: (crying and screaming) MAMA! (sob, gasp, sob) Hare-son won't let me get my shoes.

Harrison: (stands up and pushes her into the wall)

Ella: (more crying and screaming)

Mama: Harrison, use your words.
(One of 50-60 standard sentences I say over and over and over. Other favorites: "Go to your room", "Apologize to your sister", "Please don't use your head as weapon, Harrison", "Can you please stop whining?"


LeperColony said...

"Please don't use your head as weapon, Harrison" Classic.

Ella said...

It all sounds so familiar...
My most-used sentence at the moment: "Boys, get DOWN off that table/chair/closet/windowsill/car-roof". No not really car-roof but you get the picture.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

You say please? Your a much better woman than me! :0P

jes said...

i am convinced that people with kids lead much more interesting lives than people without kids. namely, ME.

i need to get pregnant.

blackbird said...

"quit licking people!"
that's one for the books isn't it?

Mike said...

When I have kids, my favorite will be, "You better be glad your mother is here to keep me from beating you!"

Kelli said...

"Don't jump on the bed."
"I fixed that sandwich for you, not the dog."
"Stop whining and just tell me what you want."

LadyBug said...

Very funny post.
Last summer, I actually found myself saying, "I should NOT have to tell you not to play with DOG POOP!"

Gabrielle said...

There's also, "How do you ask for that nicely?", "Don't touch that _____ (fill in the blank)!", and the always useful, "Go to your room until you can be civil."