Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes we can

I wore my "I Voted" sticker all day and felt very proud about it.  I watched the results come in on "mute" during dinner and then "out loud" while the kids were getting ready for bed.  Chris made a fire, and our first snow fell outside the window, as the announcement was made.  I feel so much more this election.  I feel hopeful.  McCain's speech was so gracious and Obama's was so inspirational.  

My dad and I argued yesterday about our respective choices for president.  His opinions were so deeply rooted that nothing I said mattered.  His voice rose - mine couldn't as I was wandering around Costco, but I also was truly trying to stay calm so that I could intelligently give him my differing views.  Chris asked me why I bothered.  I have to.  I can't just ignore what's going on in our country.  My dad has seen so much - he's a Depression baby, but I'm not - and I have kids and grandkids to worry about.  

I don't think I'll call him for a few days.  I can't wait for the kids to wake up so I can tell them.   For the first time, in a very long time, I feel hopeful.  It's somewhat of a cliche', but I really feel it.  "The times, they are a changin'"

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Working on the house, and day-to-day kid activities have consumed us for the last few weeks.  It took free tickets to get us on a family outing today.  We were able to watch the Real Salt Lake (our professional soccer team) play in their first playoff game.  It is only the third game to be played in this new stadium, also.  

We were spoiled and hung out in the coolest suite full of really great catered food.  We had a great view and enjoyed the fast-paced, exciting game.  Some of the fans were crazy.  Banging drums.  Setting off fireworks in the stands and even smoke bombs.  We just sat in our seats and screamed a lot.  

The kids both finished their soccer seasons this morning, so it was a big soccer day.  Besides the joy of being together in a fun environment - I think the best part was that the whole event went smoothly and easily.  Half the time we won't go places because we don't want to deal with the parking, etc., but this was all easy.  

Even if you don't know anything about soccer - I highly recommend going to at least one professional game.