Monday, February 23, 2009

how can so much go wrong in one day?

I'm having one of those days which involves no liquor, but desperately NEEDS liquor.  And it's only Monday.  Pray for a short week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I feel like I'm having an affair!

I have been neglecting this site due to some extra energy trying to put together a photography portfolio.  During this process, I have started another blog

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting closer to my goals.

Other news - started a another job at an elementary school nearby.  It only involves an hour a day, but they would also like me to sub.  That might just be perfect.  Until I make millions selling my "art" - I'll have to supplement!  I am no longer going to be able to take the kids to school.  This is a big change for all of us.  Chris is being great and has taken over, but it's a tough job moving my two slowpokes out the door each morning.  I'm so lucky to have his support during this "exploratory" phase of my life.

This putting myself first stuff is hard!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

long weekend

The kids had two half days to end their week, and then they are off on Monday and Tuesday.  Luckily we've had playdates and birthday parties to fill in the gaps between playing make believe with their Webkinz and rockin' out to Guitar Hero (why did I think this was a good game for them???)

I will be getting out of the house a bit more.  I just got a second/third? job as a morning assistant/monitor to all the students who arrive at this private school before the school day begins.  I'll just be out for an hour and 10 minutes, but it will bring in a couple of bucks.  Also, they were so thrilled to interview someone with an educational background that they had me fill out the substitute teacher application.  I could really get busy.

As much as the large amounts of time indoors gets on all of our nerves, I just have to look at a photo like this one to remember how precious this time is.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ella got her haircut again.  She tries to grow it out, but it gets so messy and unruly that we always agree that the pain and anguish she claims to experience while combing it isn't worth it.  I took her to my stylist this time and it was worth it.  Ella got her head massaged and everything!

Here's a shot "in progress" and I have yet to take a good picture of her new do.  

I have started a new blog just for my photos.

This business is all about baby steps.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I heart faces - adult

My neighbors actually asked me to take their holiday family photo this year.  I think they just wanted someone to push the button! :)  This is a shot of one of the girls alone.  Isn't her skin amazing?  For more pictures of adults - click on the button below.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I Heart Faces - Pets

My second attempt

My attempt at funkiness (is that a word?)  If you want to see more normal pet pics, click on the button at the top.


As long as I can remember, it's been common knowledge that money isn't that important in a career - loving what you do is.  Baloney.  I think they both are important, but it doesn't always work out that you can get both.  I used to have a job that paid the bills and gave us great health insurance, but it became emotionally burdensome.  Now that I'm working on something that I really love - starting my photography career - however, we are not getting my income and are paying more for less insurance.  I fight back the urge to feel guilty daily.  I know that if I was still working as a school counselor we wouldn't have as many financial worries, but I really can't remember being this excited about anything in a long time.

I gave myself a daily schedule starting January 5th, the day the kids went back to school, and it involves learning as much about photography and Photoshop as I can.  (It also includes time to walk the dog, of course!)  So I now scour websites, follow tutorials, read books, take classes and have started acquiring some of the bare necessities needed to take and edit better photos. 

One of the things I'm pushing myself to do is enter photography contests.  Today, I'm entering my first one.  It's sponsored by a blog called "I Love Faces" and is very low key which is the way I like it!   So here goes....the picture above is my entry into this week's contest that has the theme "The Eyes Have It - Kids".  If you want to see more of the entries - click on the button below.