Monday, July 11, 2005

we made it...barely

Do you see the look in Ella's eyes? The look of sheer exhaustion? See Harrison? Does he look delirious? Well, he was! Me...I look fine because I'm out of the car and in my home state at a lake. Nothing is better.

We got to my parent's at about 7:00 pm last night and stayed for about an hour and a half before shoving the kids back in the car to check out the sunset at Lake Calhoun. It was a wonderfully warm and sticky night - perfect for putting our feet in the lake.

The trip got worse before it got better. I'll keep it short and sweet - just think expensive bike becoming good buddies with motel front door overhang roof thingy. While I'm driving. And I don't own expensive bike - it's Chris'. Oh - best part was that I did this around 10 pm after driving since 9:30 am and there were no rooms in Omaha to be found. Had to keep driving to Des Moines. Iowa. It's in another state!

We're here. I've found my spot at the coffee shop and life will go on. My mom seems so much healthier and energetic. The kids aren't driving anyone particularly crazy, so I'm smiling. Things are I just need to get to IKEA.

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