Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dinosaur bones and more

Tuesday was another long day completely packed full with activity. The kids had breakfast out with Grandma and Bumpa (Chris’ parents) then were taken back out to the Mall of America for one more visit to Legoland. Home by noon, they were put back in the car and we trekked over to St. Paul to visit the Science Museum of Minnesota. It’s an incredibly beautiful new building with lots of wonderfully interactive exhibits and an over active air conditioner (for proof you just have to see the now permanent goosepimples on my arm.)

It is always harder to entertain the kids when they are all together due to their ages (3, 5 and almost 12 next week). The museum was the ticket. Well, almost. Ella is becoming our behavior problem. If I hear, “I KNOW that!” (you really have to hear it to appreciate the snottiness in the tone) one more time, I think I may have to strangle her! She uses it every time you tell her something, ask her to do something, compliment her, criticize her or just while you’re sitting with her. Harrison’s new favorite expression on this trip is, “HELL-O-OOO” (very sing-song-y and he uses it before a sentence.) For example the other night in the car he said, “Hell-o-oooo, I’m not buckled in. You NEED to stop the car!” He also uses it when talking with Ella – “Hell-o-ooo – you need to ask before you take that cookie off the counter, Ellie!” It’s so funny. His voice seems to be changing a bit, too. Could my little children be changing into pre-adolescents before my eyes?

Today, I will help my mom sort through more boxes, cupboards and demitasse cups. Chris and his parents will head over to Chris’ Aunt Mame’s lake house on Lake Chisago. It’s about an hour away. It will be so nice for the kids to be in a setting where they can just run and play. They have been troopers through all of our shopping, restaurants and museum travels.

My mom had an extreme dizzy spell/headache episode last Wednesday. Her oncologist ordered an immediate MRI for Friday night. We still haven’t heard the results. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. We are hopeful that her brain tumor, which was dramatically reduced this past December, has not grown again.

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