Saturday, July 02, 2005

Must be something in the water

Kids are inquisitive by nature. I got pretty lucky, though. Harrison never went through that “Why?” stage – the one where when he’s two to three he asks the question “Why?” over and over. I worried, for about a second, if maybe he wasn’t curious - maybe not even intelligent because he missed this important developmental stage, but I shouldn’t have. He’s a really smart boy who just happens to do his own research when he needs a question answered. Only when he really can’t figure something out will he turn to one of us for an answer.

Ella has been kind of an in-between girl. She definitely likes to ask questions – even the “Why?” questions, but is such a social being that this trait overrides her curiosity. For example, she’ll have a thought or question for me. She’ll start to comment or ask and then BAM! – someone will walk by. Or we’ll come upon a grocery cart full of kids. That’s it. She’ll stop cold in her tracks and stare endlessly to see what is going on. She is fascinated with people.

Just when I thought I was lucky and had my guard down, the kids double-whammied me.

Three days ago:

Harrison: “Mommy? How do babies come out of mommies’ bellies?”

Me: (cough, spit, gag) “Ummm. Well, there are a couple of answers to that.”

Harrison: looks at me more intently

Me: “Most babies come out of a mommy’s vagina.” (There, that wasn’t so hard)

Harrison: still staring

Me: “Or some babies, like you and Ella, come out of a hole cut into a mommy’s belly.”

Harrison: “Hee Hee Hee….Bah Hah…BAH HAH HAH – hole in Mommy! Ha Ha Ha” The laughing and giggling went on for about two minutes.

Two days ago:

Ella: “Mama? How do babies get inside your tummy?”

Me: (without missing a beat) “God puts them there.” They’re not going to get me twice!

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