Saturday, July 09, 2005

Did you know...

....that the Econolodge in Laramie, Wyoming may have shitty pink carpet, really thin cheap linens, and is overpriced, BUT it has free wireless??

....that if you leave Salt Lake City at 3:00 PM, instead of 8:00 AM you will not get to Nebraska by dusk?

....that if you wake up groggily from a nap while your family runs into the rest area restrooms in the middle of Wyoming, you shouldn't lock the doors while the keys are still in the ignition? (Why? because they will have to wait an hour and a half with the prairie dogs and LARGE spiders in the sun for a locksmith)

....that McDonalds no longer believes in FAST food when it's past 9:00 and they KNOW you are over tired, over irritated and have only entered their restaurant because it's the only thing open in the middle of bum fuck Wyoming that time of day!?

....that three year old little girls really don't enjoy the COOL two-screen DVD player you borrowed for her watching pleasure from Beth? No, three year old girls would rather be home playing with their baby stuff. (I know - I had no idea either until she told me over and over.)

....that two preschoolers can ask, "Are we in Minnesota?" more times in a 60 minute time period than one 41 year old woman can answer?

....that driving across the country is not the most fun thing I have ever done?

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