Monday, July 25, 2005

Heard in the car

Sturgis, South Dakota (little known fact: I've been to Sturgis Bike Week ON a Harley with a guy who happened to have a ponytail!)

Harrison to Ella while we were following a freight train: "My eyes keep watering because you keep saying "Honnnnnk! Hoonnnnnnk!"


"I Spy"
Harrison: "I spy, with my little eye, something tall."
Chris: "Inside or outside the car?"
Harrison: "Outside."
All of us: "A mountain?" No. "A telephone pole?" No. "A cloud?" No. "A truck?" No.
Chris: "Give me a hint."
Harrison: "It starts with tuh-tuh (the letter T)
Chris: " it a telephone pole?"
Harrison: YES!
Ella: "I spy something...ummmmm...something tall."
Me: "Is it inside or outside the car?"
Ella: "Outside."
Chris: "Is it a telephone pole?"
Ella: "YES! No - that's not it - it's something else. (We proceed to guess about ten more items.)
Chris: "Ok, Ella, we give up. What is it?"
Ella: "It's....ummmmm...something the's my stuff. It's my purse and my pretties (hair elastics).
Of course!

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