Sunday, July 31, 2005

As said by my most favorite five-year-old....

We spent about an hour and a half today at our favorite park, the Green Park, named for its green slides and monkey bars. The best part about this park is the sand that surrounds all the equipment with large pits conveniently located near shady benches.

Harrison brought four “diggees” – his grater, dump truck, back hoe, and tow truck (“Mom, you need the tow truck in case a diggee breaks down”). He did a great job sharing with all the other kids at the park. Beth came by with her kids, coincidentally, and we decided that the reason all four kids were playing so well was because they were all tired from not having quiet time/naps today.

After lots of digging and swinging, we left the Green Park and headed home for pasta and red sauce with a side of cantaloupe. (Who said I can't cook?) I asked the kids to wash their hands before dinner when Harrison quipped, “Mom, they’re clean!”

“How could they be? You were just digging in the sand.”

“But Mom, they have brushes on them that clean them automatically.”

“Oh really?”

“They’re invisible. You can’t see them.”

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