Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tonight was the last night of swimming lessons. The kids' first lessons. They went better than I expected. The setting of the pool was wonderful. The weather cooperated and so did my children! They had a great time with a really patient teacher.

Spent most of the day preparing for a road trip. Heading to Minnesota to help my mom again. Bringing the whole gang with me this time. Traveling by air takes about 2 1/2 hours. Traveling by car will take about 2 1/2 days. DAYS. Have to go help finish preparing my parent's house for sale. Talked to my mom today and she is feeling much better than she has in a long time. She's had her lungs drained twice this year. She's in her fourth year of chemo. She's still looking ahead and says she's feeling pretty good. I'm pretty awestruck as to how she keeps going. I've had a couple of bad "single" parenting days and I'm practically despondent. I'm hoping the kids will get to know her better this trip. We're staying for about two weeks. I want them to know her like I know her.

Hope to get to my favorite coffee shop to post updates.

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