Monday, June 23, 2008

It fell out in her mac and cheese (she's not on the cleanse, remember?)

I love it when they smile so sincerely for the camera. 
Check out that tooth!  When she closed her mouth it would still stick out a bit and she totally looked like a redneck.  (Can I say that about my daughter?)

It was a full day for Ella.  She slept in till 8:30 - first time since last summer.  She had a 6 1/2 hour long play date.  She lost her second front tooth and can now stick a straw into her mouth without unclenching her bite.  And last but not least - she got a large cut on her foot by getting it caught under the front door.

I, on the other hand, had a bit slower day.  My big accomplishment was mailing off my dad's birthday package - his birthday was April 28th.  (It's all about getting rid of stuff!)  I continued to clean things out, but it's a slow process.  I did buy some magnetic paint this weekend so that I could paint a wall in the kitchen for the kid's art.  I have decided that to keep the house looking clean, we have to clear the refrigerator and the cabinets of drawings and certificates. This new wall will be the place for birthday invites and school calendars, as well.

I have been battling bronchitis since last Wednesday or Thursday.  I had to sleep in a chair last night.  Not much better than sleeping on a plane.  I can't help but be discouraged that I have had physical ailments every day of this cleanse.  That, along with gigantic cravings, has caused me to do some deep reflection.

More about that tomorrow.  My chair is waiting.


blackbird said...

I'm really hoping you feel better soon...

Just The Girl said...

I really love that picture! Very cool.

Kaylee & Paul said...

"And last but not least - she got a large cut on her food by getting it caught under the front door."

food= that the cleanse talking?

KEYNOTER said...

That is such a cute photo. She's going to love that one when she is older!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Days like These! said...

she's soooo cute!
i'm here by way of;)

Suburban Turmoil said...

Oh my goodness, Carol, how Ella has grown!! So pretty, too. :) Glad I got to read about the cleanse vicariously- I was thinking about going on it when I saw the Oprah about it, but now? Not so much!!

Hope you're feeling better!