Friday, June 20, 2008

Day Five

Took a day off from cleaning and did errands ALL day.  The kids were pretty frustrated, but I needed to get rid of this stuff!  And I did.  I gave old videos and toys to my nephew.  We made a trip to the local thrift shop to donate a bunch of stuff I discovered yesterday.  We returned books to the library, and stopped at the office store for files and a labeler.  A LABELER. (I've gone to the other side.  The side of organization and efficiency.)  I returned things I borrowed and even bought some ingredients to make a recipe that might involve more than raw vegetables and dressing.

Cleanse-wise it was a bit of a tougher day.  I had many periods of craving things.  Beer, gum and something sweet in particular.  I've got a chest cold.  Sore throat and coughing.  I also got headache this afternoon, but it was short-lived.  Sleep has also been a bit of a problem - I can't fall asleep very easily and wake up often.  

The kids are being really patient.  I keep telling them that I'm just trying to give my body a break, and become more aware of what I'm eating.  Harrison just thinks it's weird.  Today he said something like, "Mama just eats vegetables and other garbage."  We took them to the park tonight to romp in the stream again at the park.  They needed the break!


Anonymous said...

funny! i started cleaning my closets this week too!

we are living parallel lives...

hope all is well with the cleanse.

i am thinking about getting the book...

Anonymous said...

Even after reading both your and Heather's last entries, it's hard for me to wrap my head around the concept of the cleanse, itself, foibling your immune systems. (Then again, I am jonesing for an idyllic biochemistry or physiology course about now.) Moreover, is it sudden deprivation itself that depletes immunity, rather than the body's specific need for gluten, alcohol, meat, dairy, caffeine, or artificial something? I have enjoyed sharing in your short journey on the dietary straight and narrow. Twelve years ago, I went cold turkey off pop, soda, and soda pop. To this day, a single sip of it gives me an instantaneous painful hiccup. More than the carbonation, the high fructose corn syrup or carcinogenic artificial sweeteners became revolting to me, not just in pop but in a myriad of processed foodthings. Don't even let me go off about the partially hydrogenated oils or, lord forbid, cigarettes! I don't miss any of that.

Let's not forget that the world is a hungry place.