Monday, June 16, 2008

Cleanse Day One - play by play

Fond memories of sitting on these chairs drinking alcohol and eating gluten

8:04 AM  
Breakfast:  No coffee, no yogurt, no cereal.  I am seriously addicted to cereal.  I eat it as a snack throughout the day - Life and Kashi's Go Lean are my favorites.  Yogurt is my only dairy besides ice cream.  My morning cup of yogurt is routine.  Almost essential.  And then there is coffee.  Remarkably, coffee is less important to me than the other two, but I still truly miss it.

I forgot to buy lemons for my water and some green tea.  I found another website, but it just kind of makes me feel like I'm part of a weird club.

2:44 PM
Lunch:  Kept busy teaching the kids how to clean a kitchen floor so I didn't eat until late.  Harry cried (it was an amazing dramatic achievement) the entire time he was vacuuming the floor. You should have heard him when I asked him to continue into the back hall!  Made a salad with tomatoes, red peppers and romaine lettuce.  Poured this AMAZING stuff I found at Costco - Fresh Accents by Aromatica Organics - over the top.  It is a "...versatile blend of nuts seeds, dried cranberries, vegetables, garlic and onions."  I also snacked on soy nuts which I am finding a bit addicting.  I also had a corn tortilla with Hot Chipotle hummus.  After this I was definitely looking for sugar.  Ate some grapes and actually feel like the craving has passed.

6:46 PM
Dinner:  Worked out twice today.  This wasn't intentional.  I use a trainer weekly and thought our appointment was at noon, but it wasn't till 1:00 PM.  I couldn't find a sitter and asked if I could do a playdate swap with my friend, Kristin, who has kids the same age.  Since I had coverage for the kids I decided to just stay and do some cardio.  My trainer switched our time to 4:00 PM and I did some strength training with her for an hour then.  Right in the middle of my session, I got a searing headache.  First side effect, I suppose.  I was pretty hungry when I got home.  I made myself another salad, but added black beans on top.  I also had some soy nuts and tried my bread with almond butter.  It didn't taste like cardboard!  After that "meal" I have to admit I was craving sugar and coffee.  I decided a shower would distract me, which it did.

9:17 PM
Headache got really bad about an hour ago.  Took some ibuprofen - it probably has sugar in it - but I needed some relief.  Headache isn't gone, but much better.  I'm exhausted and heading to bed early.

Overall - not too bad.  I definitely need to try a larger variety of foods tomorrow.

So?  Who's joining me????


Lyndsay said...

Hey Carol!

I am sort-of doing this with you! I am going to order the book tomorrow.

I am already a hardcore vegetarian, but I have been trying to cut out processed foods and artificial stuff for a few weeks now... eventually, I would like to go vegan. I know you can do it - the first few days are the hardest. Once you get over the cravings for yucky stuff and start craving fruits and veggies, it will be worth it!

CassJustCurious said...

I'm not joining the party but I am standing in your corner - way to rock out the first day!

blackbird said...

Is Heather doing it too?

I plan on remaining on the sidelines and observing. (And I'm trying not to giggle because I really DO admire your efforts.)

Erika said...

Hi Carol!

Think I came across your blog through Dooce, once upon a time. And I have just realized that you are from NE Wisconsin, where we have just moved....from Massachusetts. I was wondering if you would be open to sharing some tips about what to do here (not a football fan, please don't rat me out)... for some help with your cleanse menu. My husband and I are both chefs, and we did 90 days as vegans last fall.

I'm particularly desperate for some help with activities for kids in the area.

Either way, best of luck on the cleanse. It will change the way you think about food :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, thanks for posting me!

I feel soooo blessed to have you as my friend...

I must write something clever...

Hee, hee, hee...

Psycho Kitty said...

If you and Heather turn into vegans, I want that "tasty meat" shirt. I could wear it on my left thigh or something, I suppose.

I wish you the best with this, and I'm really interested to hear how it goes.

Sugar said...

I used to rent from a macrobiology cooking teacher. Basically, the whole Quantum Wellness. I learned a lot about eating well and incorporated my favorites into my way of life, like the occassional steak and glass of wine. I've lead a pretty healthy life ever since. It's all good...

Everything in moderation, right?