Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I really miss gum

About 45 minutes ago (it's 9:08 PM) I started feeling better.  I was extremely fatigued today and had a lot of stomach cramping.  

I Googled "side effects of a cleanse", and everything similar to that, this afternoon because I was starting to think that I couldn't take it much more.  There is a lot of crazy stuff out there.  All kinds of cleanses and all kinds of ideas about them.  I found on the Mayo Clinic site that they don't think they do any good.  I also got a peek into the vegan world and it was interesting to read the positives and negatives.  No one seems to have a subtle opinion about this subject.

When Chris found out that I was sick all day again he questioned my sanity.  He agrees with many of you that I should have eased into this, but then we had a discussion about drug or alcohol addicts.  Cold turkey is always the way they stop.  I have a tiny glimpse into how it must feel to be suffering through a hard drug withdrawal.  I explained again that this wasn't a diet, but a cleanse - a chance for my body to take a break and rejuvenate.  It's also a chance for me to think more thoroughly about my food choices.  After shopping for items that fit into this cleanse, I have learned so much.  There is so much junk in our food.  

For example, Chris ate beans and rice with me tonight, but added a leftover breast of chicken and then had some ice cream for dessert.  He read the side of the carton and told me that it was "Sugar Free", but I reminded him that I couldn't have artificial sweeteners or dairy.  As he started reading the ingredients, he came upon "sorbitol" and this is what it said as a disclaimer "Sensitive individuals may experience a laxative effect from excess consumption of this ingredient."  I think that got him thinking a bit.

I also want to think about cleansing other areas in my life.  I'm too tired to get into it tonight, but there is a great chapter in the book Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston about how to balance your entire life.  Eating has always been an issue for me.  I'm hoping this cleanse will allow me to find some answers in that area.  However, organization and efficiency are also large barriers to success for me.  I'm hoping to utilize many of Kathy's ideas to help my life become more balanced and peaceful.

Today I started cleaning under my bed.  You have no idea how much crap is under there.  It's a start.


Sitting said...

Ok, so you are a sugar-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free vegan? Do I have the gist of it?

I have zero interest in joining you, but I'm a vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free friends. Here are some resources that might make it easier to enjoy your food:

Bread is tough, but maybe look for wraps? They are easier to make free of the stuff you're avoiding. Put some veggies in there with some vegan dressing or guacamole and call it lunch.

Plain soy yogurt might be sugar-free. Add fruit and agave nectar, maybe?

The FoodShouldTasteGood chips/crackers at Whole Foods are gluten-free and sugar-free and vegan. Try the olive ones with hummus or the jalapeno ones with guacamole. Yummy. No sacrifice of taste there.

The book Skinny Bitch advocates essentially the same diet you're following, and it's fun to read. They have a list of vegan products that actually taste good, as well as a separate cookbook (Skinny Bitch in the Kitch) with lots of recipes. You might use it for additional inspiration.

Also, this blog has lots of delicious vegan recipes:

Hope this really long comment is helpful! Sorry to prattle on if it's not!

blackbird said...

Oh, I think that's supposed to be very bad for your Zen, or Chi, or something, having a lot of junk under your bed.
Really - so, WELL DONE.

DBN said...

I am reading with fascination, as I have always wondered about the master cleanse. I have flirted with the idea of doing it, but I work and worry I wouldn't be able to concentrate! I can't wait to read the end result.

Dirkey said...

It is very interesting. We went Vegan for a month last year and basically followed Christina Pirello and did Whole Foods so it wasn't exactly what you are doing. Now we really try to keep out any additives and pay attention to what we buy. We will only buy Breyers natural ice cream (only comes in like 3 flavors) because thats all we can find without all the additives. It does have the sugar though and the dairy so no good for you now.
Christina Pirello's books have some great recipes that were pretty tasty as well.
I think I might get that book and try the cleanse out in a few weeks. (I say as I finish my second coffee of the morning)

ella said...

I'm intrigued about the ways to balance the other areas of life (can't do much more than I am already about the eating bit while I have a small baby) so I'll be following your progress with interest. Cleaning under the bed sounds like an excellent start.

Glad you're staring to feel better.

Meg said...

I admire your desire to cleanse your body and life, back home in good ol' MN I am doing the B-Cubed Diet: Bread, Brats & Beer!

The first 4 or so days after school was out I kept cleaning the same areas (main floor) thinking when I was done there I would do the upstairs and then the basement. I said something to Melisse (very wise now after 1 year of college) that I was making no progress and she said "don't do it, no one will even know." Damn if she isn't right. So we have been going great guns landscaping. I entertain outside on the patio and don't let anyone fetch additional rounds of beer until I know they are buzzed a little bit and the clutter inside won't freak them out. We are nearing the end of the outdoor project, so I put in a library request for the book "Organize It" I'll let you know if I find any good tips.

The book, Skinny Bitch, was just written about in the Star Trib, I read a couple of paragraphs of the review and knew it wasn't for me.

Keep updating please, you never know, it might inspire me one of these days.

Anonymous said...

as i sit here drinking my diet coke and grilling hamburger for tonight's marinara sauce, i am thinking...

perhaps i SHOULD give it a try.... as you suggested...

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, sometimes when alcoholics and drug addicts stop cold turkey without medical help, THEY DIE.

Something to keep in mind next time! :)