Thursday, June 26, 2008

Harry's perspective

This morning Harrison, Ella and I decided to go on a hike before it got hot.  Harry was ready first and went out to shoot some baskets.  I helped Ella get ready and then headed in to the bathroom to determine which hat would best cover the snarly mess my hair had become after sleeping in the living room AGAIN last night.  As I glanced out the window, my heart stopped.  There was Harrison wearing my camera around his neck.  My large, wonderful camera with my telephoto lens.  It was so heavy for him that he was actually leaning forward a bit - his chin thrust a bit.  I yelled out the window for him to bring it in immediately, but because he is an ar-teest, he responded that he had one more picture to take.

When I downloaded the pictures from our hike today, I found about 35 pictures that Harry took while I wasn't looking.  They are all of our backyard which is completely unusable waiting to have the deck completed and the grass to grow.  

Here are three of my favorites:

I love the depth of field on this one - it's a nice shot of our hedge with a subtle reference to the neighbor's gas meter.

This is a shot of a piece of deck framing wood.  I think the weeds we just killed with "Round Up" two weeks ago have really turned a nice shade of brown.  And whenever I forget that I now live in the desert, I just have to glance at my backyard, which hasn't been watered in 12 months, to remind me.

This is a shot of the deck.  I was amazed that he was able to get some shots in focus while he was using a camera that was way too heavy for him, and had a telephoto lens.  


kbreints said...

Wow~ I am impressed! he has a natural knack! But yikes! I would have freaked out too!

My Life My Life My Life said...

Oh yeah...I would have freaked!! he has the eye, no doubt. Did he explain why he picked certain subjects over others?

bella rum said...

He's positively gifted.