Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm definitely cleansed, baby.

Before:  Long hair 

After:  Short hair - MUCH happier, see?

Will this day ever end?  I am still really sick.  Feels like the flu.  Bad stomach stuff this morning till about 11:30 AM (ie. running to the bathroom several times to excrete my toxins) and then I was left with a sore stomach and a general flu-like feeling.  Took more ibuprofen and felt better.  Ate very little today.

Ella was on a play date and poor Harrison had to lay around with me.  I finally thought I had enough energy to get him to the barber for a summer do.  He loved it at first and then, about 10 minutes after, said, "I wish I had my long hair back."  It's adorable, but I felt really sad for him.  

Spoke with Heather and she got the headache and nauseousness today.  In a sick, mean way I was relieved.  It means I'm not alone in this healthy misery.


blackbird said...

I don't know...I would cave pretty early.

Rebecca said...

Not to harp on this, but you should be careful. After looking through the website more, it turns out the "doctor" who created the detox plan isn't a medical doctor, but rather has her Ph.D. in geology or geography. I'm in a Ph.D. program, and believe me, it does not qualify me to give nutritional advice. If you want to eat more healthily, that's great, and I commend you, but be careful about this diet. It could be dangerous.

Susie Sunshine said...

Have you started dreaming of food yet? When I did the 14 day fast with Dr. B a few years ago, my brain cheated ALL NIGHT LONG the entire time. It was weird.