Tuesday, September 06, 2005

With kids, who are you kidding? It's always about poop.

Ella tends to be a whiner. The last few months have been especially bad. Her whining, more specifically the extremely annoying tone of her voice when she’s doing it, has reached epic proportions lately.

Some of her favorite whines:
“I don’t WANT to go to quiet time!!”
“Mom…Maaaamaaawwwmmm…MOMMY!” – “yes, Ella?” – “I NEED you.” – “I’m right here.” - “But, I NEED you!!!”

The other day, she was napping really well, but I knew if I didn’t wake her she wouldn’t get to bed on time. Her I-just-was-awakened-from-a-nap whines are much bigger and whinier than her regular I’m-three-therefore-I-am-entitled-to-demand-whatever-I-damn-well-please-from-you whines. As we drove to the grocery store during one of these moments, her main complaint was her neck. “My neck hurts….MOM!!!! it really hurts.” I asked her if it was inside (her throat) or outside that hurt. She was unable to really tell me. I figured she got the sore throat I had a few days ago. She whined about her neck off and on for over an hour. During dinner, about an hour and a half later, I asked her about it. “How’s your neck, honey?” “Good. I went poop and now it’s better.”

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