Friday, September 16, 2005

Bittersweet and cautious happiness

An old picture of the vacation home while it was still "under construction"

Several long distance phone calls, fax transmissions and heated conversations later, we have a deal. We have countered, she (single mom with SEVEN children) has countered our counter and we have accepted. There is one semi-minor, albeit extremely annoying, contingency in all of this, but we will know the answer to that in five business days. So… of next Thursday, we will hopefully know – for sure – that someone else will own our house at the end of November.

We are definitely going to lose money. Big money. But at times like these you tend to stop feeling (something I’m VERY good at) and just accept it. The monetary loss will take a few years to absorb, but we are trying to look forward with hope. We probably never know why this house had to take so much from us – sweat equity, mental health stability, money – but I have hope that we will figure it out someday. I have big theories on that. In the meantime, my neighbors are already counting on a celebration.

Not until after the closing. I’ve become too hesitant, skeptical and pessimistic in my old age to count my chickens too early. SHOW ME THE MONEY. Then we’ll party.

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