Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mundane updates

Update on the house - Buyer B DID withdraw their offer yesterday. She had an out written into her offer that allowed a plumber to come in and see if adding a bathroom to the house was feasible. Of course anything is feasible - but adding a bathroom to an old house can be extremely expensive. DUH!!! Another example of why we called her the "crazy lady."

Buyer C came through with a legitimate contract and seem to still truly want the house. Big "however", though - they want the house CONTINGENT (my new unfavorite word) on a home inspection. The house is 110 years old. There are things wrong with it. If they want us to fix anything it will become a problem. Have I mentioned that we are broke? It will become quite a hardship if we have to deal with a big problem. Once again - please cross your fingers that they accept the house "as is" and that by the end of October (yea! for the earlier closing date) we will no longer be residents of America's Dairyland. I just realized, writing this, that is we do close at the projected date, we could have our "We Lost Our Ass On A Bad Real Estate Investment, But We LOVE Living In The Mountains" celebration party on Halloween. One could think of many creative costumes for this theme!

Update on my mom: Her latest chemo stopped working about a month and a half ago, but her doctor came up with a new cocktail that has her feeling hopeful. She lost most of her white blood cells the first week after her first IV treatment which was pretty bad (she had to stay away from all people until her count went back up), but other than that - and a tiny bit of nausea - she's doing really well. Their house has been on the market for about a month and they haven't had the activity they hoped for. It's surprising - everyone assumed (just like with our house) that it would sell in the first month or week.

Update on the kids: Harrison claims to not like Kindergarten, but is doing wonderfully and loves walking to school with the neighbor girl. He even drew her a picture of a pirate ship today and put a heart on it. I asked him why he added the heart and he said it was for love. Right after that, he asked me how to spell his "girlfriend's" name so he could put it on the top and give it to her. I'm not sure if I should be sad or thrilled. I don't want him to like girls yet, but I'm so happy he's having connections with other kids.

Ella is thriving in her preschool even though Harry is only there in the afternoons. She is still extremely whiny, but I think I've figured her patterns out and am having slight successes in subduing her whine outbursts and frequency.

That's it...not much to report this week. Going on a hike tomorrow - colors are at their peak in the mountains. Should make for some brilliant pictures!

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