Wednesday, September 28, 2005

No news is good news

Bedtime stories

I'm finding that the days quickly turn into weeks. I track time by how many times I've made lunches and how many groceries we have left before the weekend trip to Costco. Our tasks and rituals each morning are finally becoming more habitual as we get used to our school-day routines. This lowers my stress level which helps lower my childrens' stress level.

Harrison, especially, needs routine. He has a hard time with change and, unfortunately, he's had a lot of it in his life. Three preschools and now a new public Kindergarten since we've moved to Utah. This alone would freak out anyone, let alone a little five-year-old boy. I have tried very hard to keep our life calmer this fall. Little things, like not taking him on too many errands,or visits to friends, during the week has helped a lot. He thrives when he has time at home. He seems to have a need to play with his toys each day. When he doesn't get that time he becomes very unhappy. I finally understand why he gets upset certain mornings before school - it's not that he doesn't like going to school - he just wants to stay at home longer. Nine out of ten times, when he has problems in the morning, it's because we had a break in routine the night before.

Ella, on the other hand, loves to leave the house. She doesn't crave it as much during the week, but on weekends she asks for it. For example, if I even look at my shoes, she'll ask me where we're going. When we do venture out, she is ready and willing no matter where we go. When our errands or activities are over, she'll always ask to go somewhere else "Mom? Can we go to one more place?" However, as much as she enjoys being out and about, her first love is her brother. She will stay home with him and play whatever make-believe game Harry has created. Lately they've been rearranging the dining room chairs and playing train or firetruck. Whoever sits in the front is the engineer or the driver - it's awfully cute.

Hopefully, the house sells (we have earnest money collected from Buyers C, BUT are still waiting on a home inspection contingency) and one more huge stressor will be lifted from our lives. This has to help bring more calmness into my two little ones' lives. God knows they could use some!

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