Sunday, September 11, 2005

Parenting Dilemma #7,593

This shot was taken during the two minutes of pre-game practice yesterday before his first fall league soccer game. Harrison loved the idea of putting on a uniform and playing outdoor soccer, but quickly decided he didn't like. He spent the majority of the game avoiding the coaches (so they wouldn't remember to put him in the game) or wandering around the field instead of chasing the ball.

I don't know how far to push this one. I want to expose him to things, but don't want to force things on him. I want him to stay with things and not think he can quit, but don't want him to hate something because of all the conflict. His only verbal insight to me: "I don't like playing with so many kids. I just want to play with Kyle (his friend)." He does know four or five other kids on the team besides Kyle, but not as well.

I would just like to have him participate in sports. I want to see him smile as he runs up and down a field. I want him to find friendships in his teammates. I'm just not sure how to handle this.  Chris has suggested tennis or golf - individual sports. I agree. 

Harrison may have a gene that is designated for sports negativity. He will try things for a minute or two and then give up when he realize that it takes work to improve your skills.  He also has some sort of social anxiety about team sports.

This "problem" is not significant, just annoying. I wish only good things for my children and want them to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Exposing them to new things is my job. I do really look forward, though, to that moment when they discover their passion. The interest/hobby/sport in their life that will motivate their existence. How cool will that be?!!

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Weedlet said...

Found a lot of useful info on your site about social anxiety - thank you. Haven't finished reading it yet but have bookmarked it so I don't lose it. I've just started a social anxiety blog myself if you'd like to stop by