Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Vacation" Home Update

Inside shot of living room which is between the parlor and the formal dining room.

Buyer A offered a REALLY, REALLY low price for my stately Victorian home in the Midwest. Buyer B offered a REALLY low price. We countered both at a slightly higher low price. Buyer A ran away with tail between legs. Buyer B countered and we compromised and accepted. Hell, we HAVE to get this done! Buyer A had a house to sell as a contingency. Buyer B had cash. We were happy with Buyer B.

Two days later, I was notified that Buyer B (single woman with SEVEN children) is crazy in more than one way. She apparently isn’t aware of the current definition of “cash”. She has since qualified for a loan, but still has another annoying contingency that should be cleared up by this afternoon. In the meantime, Buyer C appeared two days ago. Begged to see the house even though there is an accepted offer. Buyer C fell in love with my house. Wife is pregnant with third child and has visions of three portraits of her children over my three fireplaces. They are IN LOVE. Today they will make a secondary offer.

It’s all hard to believe. Where the hell were these people last January, or last September???? I hope that whoever ends up with our house truly wants it and will cherish it. They will be family #13 (the house was built in 1895). This house was meant to house children. It’s big, has cool staircases and lots of secret hiding spots. The monetary loss is still hard, but I’m trying to abdicate it by thinking positive thoughts about the new owners. Am I becoming too Pollyanna about this? Probably, but it helps.

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