Thursday, September 01, 2005

Two days of Kindergarten and he already thinks he's 13

Harrison and I were having a conversation while he was in the bath tub about why he couldn’t play with bath toys tonight.

Me: "Remember? You’re having a 'quick bath' (what we call a bath that entails just washing up – no play time)."

Harry: “It’s dumb that we can’t play with toys.”

Me (trying to stay calm and not jump on the fact that he used the word “dumb” so that we won’t have a fight): “No, it’s called a compromise. You chose to go to the park tonight, so you don’t have time to play in the tub.”

Harry: “Compromise is dumb. I wish we didn’t have parents… (thoughtful pause as he re-loaded)…then we could whatever we wanted. We could have M & Ms…and we could do anything we wanted. We wouldn’t have to eat as much chicken. Yes…I really wish I didn’t have parents."

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