Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unemployment sucks

Harrison's birthday party last Saturday (only two months late) at a rock climbing gym

I have had some time to focus on myself the last two days while the kids have been in day camps.  I've spent the time looking for work.  What an arduous, awful job.  One thing that's different, since the last time I did this, is the "open" job postings.  They list a great job - something that I feel I'd be really good at - and then when I make an inquiry call, I'm told the same thing.  The company or college doesn't have an opening at this time, but they like to collect resumes for the future.  Just in case.  It kind of reminds me of a false ad - you go into the store to get the item that is advertised on sale, but find out that they don't have that model. 

I still want to explore working from the house.  Possibly try to sell photos or something.  Ella suggested that we decorate foam frames (like these) and fill them with "pretty pictures."  I'm sure we could make a couple bucks (selling to family and friends), but I doubt it would pay the mortgage.  I have high hopes for starting anew, but I think I need to explore the "work from home" ideas I have in the evening, AFTER a consistent-paying day job.

That leads to the whole idea of giving up.  I feel if I get a "regular" full time job, I won't seriously work at pushing myself to start my own business.  Why does it have to be that way?  I think it's because I don't feel comfortable changing the entire lifestyle for the rest of my family just so that I can fulfill a dream.  

It's that female guilt thing. 


Anonymous said...

I feel the same female guilt.

My therapist suggested not working for a while, you know, like a couple of years.

And. I thought.

We'd have to sell the house and use food stamps.

Anonymous said...

okay...why not change the wording a bit to:

I think I need to explore the "work from home" ideas I have while looking for a consistent-paying day job.

you never know if you explore while looking...you never know what might pop up!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I really admire your honesty.

I find myself disgusted at the fact that I have not moved forward to make my entrepreneurial dreams a reality. I blame it on working full time and being too worn out after work. But I don't think that is accurate in reality.

I do believe, though, that things are happening exactly as they should for you right now. I'm looking forward to reading the unfolding of it all.


Anonymous said...

How about a teaching position for an online university? I know of a few people who record the lectures on podcasts/video and post it via the school education software. You should do a search for teaching positions for distance learning univeristies. This way you are home working, and still in the academic enviornment.

Rachel said...

I have a friend who is a life coach and she said that most of her clients are people who are trying to transition into running their own business, but need some support and encouragement. Maybe it would be worth the investment to try something like that to help frame your ideas and your plan.

Anonymous said...

I'm working at a convention for my work downtown and staying in the hotel monaco all week. Just took a break and caught up on your blog. What happened with the other job you were planning on? that sucks! I'm sorry it didn't work out. I'm half moved into the Lincoln house. We should get together soon.


Kelli said...

Keeping up with your blog almost weekly has kept a sense a sanity for me. Reading Purpose Driven Life pulled me up to the surface....don't know where to go from there. All that you have is precious.....the path will fill in itself....just enjoy the ride.