Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things are never dull

Grandma and Grandpa brought two of these large remote control cars for the kids.  Harry took his all around the block! 

My in-laws from Green Bay have been visiting for the past two weeks which means we've been eating lots of lots of food cooked on a grill, and the kids have had at least 100 ice cream cones.

Things are heating up between B's mother and my husband regarding B's behavior and future living arrangements.  I won't divulge, but it is sad and tumultuous.  One of those topics that is brought up multiple times a day and is never pleasant.

I'm still cleaning and cleansing.  The basement play room is clean - this was a large accomplishment.  And just as I had the upstairs living areas looking kind of decent, Harrison decided that he wanted to rearrange the furniture.  Far be it for me to stop that kind of creativity...that's what I get for pushing any program on HGTV.

Tomorrow we head to Minneapolis.  All the suitcases are out, but only one of them has a few items in it.  I know what I want to bring, but I never seem to be able to pack ahead of time.  My dad called last night to get details about our flight arrival and told me about his trip to Indiana last week.  He went to visit Girlfriend number 3.  A week in Indianapolis at her house.  Yuck.  Not for him, for me.  He went on and on about what a fantastic week he had.  He really enjoys this woman.  I'm happy for him.  Really.  But COME ON!!!  I'm his daughter - how much of this gushy stuff can I handle?  I think it's especially hard because he didn't gush about my mom.  They both admitted to me right before her death that they didn't have the greatest marriage.  It was a really bad time.  

Thinking positively, I still look younger than my baby brother who I'll be visiting and I will get a 13 day reprieve from cleansing my house!

P.S.  Went to my trainer today and she told me that she  bought Quantum Wellness (on my recommendation) and has been cleansing for NINE days.  Is she sick?  Of course not.  Her husband is doing it with her.  Is he sick?  Not a chance.  Am I jealous?  Yes.

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