Tuesday, May 27, 2008

IKEA run

It rained this weekend, so we had a few choices - clean the house or head to IKEA.  Duh!
We went to get some ideas for all the projects we have going on in the house.  I'd love to redo the living room and dining room (pretty much paint only).  Another room that needs LOTS of fine tuning is our family room.  We "need" a flat screen TV and some kind of entertainment/storage unit.  Also, we are adding a new office/guest room that will be MINE.    

We weren't going to buy anything.  Sure.  Who can leave that place without at least a new dish brush?

I really like the clean lines of this set up.

The dining room project.  Paint only - well....I wouldn't mind replacing the $50 table we bought from the want ads.

Here's an unusual desk/storage idea.  You can see that Harrison loves it! 

Another interesting look.

To keep the kids "engaged", we promised them a cone at the end of the excursion.  As you can see, my kids have very similar personalities.

Chris truly enjoyed the entire process.


blackbird said...

That's pretty much my Ikea reaction too...

Frank said...

I'm with Chris. Shopping at Ikea is its own form of hell.

mamalife said...

Maybe you should have promised Chris an ice cream also ;)

Candy said...

Ikea sucks the energy out of a man through his feet. I've seen it happen.

Dani said...

Hi! I found you via Blackbird's comments.

The picture of the dark low drawers that you said you liked the clean lines of... I have those!

We turned it into a whole custom unit to hold the flat screen, put two towers up the sides (glass doors on top, solid doors on bottom, shelves in between), and two bridges across the top for pictures and the iPod dock. For the price, I highly recommend it. Similar pre-made units would have cost us quadruple the amount and it wouldn't have held exactly what we wanted. It's very versatile.

You've got great taste. I loved your pics!

Curious... Is your Ikea like a corn maze that you can't find your way out of, or is it just mine???