Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It brings me such great pride to see Harrison's joy of singing reflected in his face.  It's so fulfilling to watch him give his full effort especially since he was in the front row.

We don't have many extracurriculars going on, but of course baseball and soccer practice are at the exact same time on the same day of the week.  

Tonight the entire second grade put on a singing program about Africa.  I, of course, had a prior engagement.  One of the Top 10% students at the high school picked me as her "Most Influential Teacher".  It was called the "Evening of Excellence" and I was duly honored.  It was a meaningful event, but I hated to miss Harrison's program so I attended the dress rehearsal this afternoon. 

In a week and a half, the kids and I are heading to the beach in Florida.  We are completely estatic about this, but there is an amazing soccer camp opportunity for Harrison that exact same week.  He would have been coached by professionals from England.

Every week-long summer day camp that I have found for Ella conflicts in some way with our 13 day trip to Minnesota.  

August?  WIDE OPEN.



Sharkey said...

Of course August is wide open. That leaves them free to complain about how bored they are the entire month. :)

Congratulations on your honor!

I don't suppose you'll be in MN between 6/14 and 6/27? That's when I'll be there. It's coming up fast!

marcie said...

That cracked me up!