Thursday, May 08, 2008

Harry thinks a tiara would be an awesome accessory for me.

I have so much to say about work, but I can't yet.  Chris suggested I start writing the "tell all" post, to be published much later, just so that I can get some of my frustrations off my chest.  What I can say is that things were looking up, but now I've hit a bit of a bump again.  I'm not going to get too worried, though.  What good will that do?  It just causes stomach aches and insomnia.

On a positive note - I am truly enjoying the kids more.  Harrison and Ella had a fun school event tonight.  I usually hate these things, but liked this one.  I mentioned to Harry that his teacher had been smiling at me a lot lately whereas earlier in the year she barely acknowledged me.  Chris mentioned something lewd about me looking "attractive" and that may be why Ms. C was ogling - I was laughing and appalled all at the same time, but mentioned that his theory might be true - I have been dressing up lately.  Harrison piped in and stated that Ms. C always dresses up.  "She likes to dress up because she used to be a queen."

I wish I had had a video of him saying that.  His face was completely serious as if this was a completely normal explanation.  We burst out laughing and between our gasps for air, and wiping of tears, we dragged it out of him that she used to be a rodeo queen when she was younger.

Only out west.


TBG said...

Well she was a that is a riot.

I agree with Chris start writing it to get it off your chest and wait till you can publish it.

Anonymous said...

tag your it...

rodeo queen?

my my you do attract some interesting characters.