Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is Harrison only 7?

Finally!  A warm day!

Harry:  I don't like tuna.

Chris:  You've never tried it.

Harry:  Yes I have.

Chris:  Where?  When?  We've never served it to you.

Harry:  Yes, you gave it to me for lunch.

Me:  No, honey, I'm pretty sure we've never given you tuna.  When was this?

Harry:  In 1970.


moo said...

#1. I LOVE the name Harrison

#2. I LOVE that his nickname is Harry

#3. Kids are funny. And they grow up fast.

#4. Tuna is awesome! But maybe not if it was from 1970 ;)

Kathy said...

Infamous psychic Sylvia Browne says we we've all had previous lives and nobody is more in tune to those lives than children.

Sounds like your son had a doosy.

And he wasn't a fan of tuna.

blackbird said...

He's right!
I remember you blogging about it.
In 1970.

Krissa at said...

Kids won't let you get anything by them... and sometimes you don't even have to be trying.
Tell him that tuna has changed a lot since 1970 and he'll love it now.

mamalife said...

TOOOO funny!! What an awesome picture, playing in shorts & t-shirt with snow-capped mountains in the background!

Starshine said...

He looks like such a BOY! Little toughie!

I've been curious to know how your return to school has been going. I know you're handling it like a champ.