Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ellastyle - Vail

"Jammie baby" has been a permanent fixture the last few months. She was named after the pajama attire she came with at purchase. The coat, Miss Ella is wearing this season, is the find of the year. I was looking for a white puffy shirt (ala Seinfeld) for Harry to wear for Halloween as a pirate, at D.I. (our Goodwill-type store) when I found this coat for FOUR DOLLARS. The mittens were on clearance last year at Shopko for $1.50.

I have to get creative now that we're living on half of my old salary. Posted by Picasa


momslo said...

$4.00 freakin dollars!- get out!

She looks so euro:)

Hope your having a blast. Man, it looks like the cold set in early this year-
well, maybe not-it is almost thanksgiving.

kerflop formerly very mom said...

Why don't I ever find anything that great when I go thrift store shopping? All I ever end up with are polyester pants from the 70s.

Amanda said...

What's up Miss G? (is that what they call you at the new school?). I just read your post and had to say I love that Ella has a black baby...I guess b/c that's what I'll have. :) So, let's do coffee after Thanksgiving.

Amanda G.