Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today was my last day of work. Tomorrow I start my new job.

Last week I received two negative phone calls from Harrison's school about his behavior. Today I only got a note in his planner about his naughtiness.

Last week I couldn't wait to get out of my work environment. Today I had a hard time leaving.

Last night I had a personal laptop full of pictures, documents and bookmarks. Today I turned that laptop in and am currently borrowing my husband's.

Today I am a high school counselor. Tomorrow I become an elementary school counselor.

Today I left for work before the kids were even dressed. I picked them up from after-care programs. Tomorrow I will walk Harry to school and take Ella myself. After their school days are complete, I will pick them up. NO AFTERCARE!

Today I received presents and wonderful notes. I hugged about 30 people and teared up a few times. Tomorrow I will walk into a strange new building to work with people I barely know or have never met.

Today I'm a full-time working mom. Tomorrow I'm not.

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momslo said...

Our service (computer that is) has been on and off- I have missed so much!! I was going to comment on how wonderful the change must be and I know you wanted it! but now I read the above post and all I can say is SHIT!! I hope it gets better- it will get better-it has so many of the pluses that you have wanted for a long time- I really hope it gets better for you- My fingers are crossed and I will be thinking of you.

Take care Carol and hang in there-