Monday, November 28, 2005

Where did you come from?

When I grow up I want to be a genetics counselor. The field of genetics fascinates me - I’ve even taken some classes. On a field trip to Myriad Genetics last spring, I think I was the only one (besides our school’s biotechnology instructor) who listened the whole time. I have so much to learn, however. Two people. Similar genes and DNA, yet very different. She likes pink, outfits that match from head to toe and babies - real or toy. She likes to organize things and put things in bags or piles. I like charcoal gray, separates and teenagers. I am not organized and usually survive in messes and chaos. Ella is a girly girl. I’ve expounded on this in the past, but she just continues to surprise me with wonderful anecdotes that I really should record more often. Her femininity just oozes out of her. I am her opposite. I care about my appearance, but have never worried about the details. Our differences, though, are intriguing to me and I am finding a whole new world to discover through her.

Yesterday our family all went into an outlet store to find some ski pants for Harrison. As I rummaged through the boy’s section for outerwear, Ella found the girl’s clothes section fairly quickly. She started slowly by picking out a black velour beret. Then she found a leopard print skirt and a coordinating black velour top with leopard print collar and cuffs within seconds. She was a woman on a mission. Suddenly I fell victim to her pursuit. She needed black shoes. There were none in her size. We quickly got rid of Harry and Chris and ran over to our favorite shoe store. In minutes we were purchasing tall black boots. She was absolutely giddy. She wanted to run back to the van and try on her new outfit. If it hadn’t been 25 degrees out, I probably would’ve let her. I think it was one of the first times that I had ever purchased an entire outfit from head to toe. I felt a connection to her. I got it. We were both beaming about her finds for quite awhile.

Ella is such a blast. I love her individuality and sense of style. I love that she wants to wear her shoes on the wrong feet “just because.” I think its fun that she likes to wear hats. At age three and a half, she is such a little person. Grasping my hand, she will go almost anywhere with me. I’ve never met anyone more excited about trips to the grocery store. She will grab a hat, the perfect shoes and then she’s ready to go. I can always rely on her ability to make simple errands much more fun.

I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

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