Friday, May 13, 2005

A truly wonderful birthday

News Flash: my husband can keep a secret. He completely surprised me last night by planning a night out for my birthday.

The doorbell rang right as I was complaining about my near-starvation hunger, and it was our friends, Beth and Dave, in tow with the most essential component of any great evening – a BABYSITTER! I was so excited. They had cake, cupcakes, a present and their boys. I had a hard time trying to figure it all out, but the bottom line was that I got to eat out at a great seafood restaurant and we still had cake and candles at home. My husband gave me the gift of my dreams (besides the sitter) – a new digital camera. I have a tendency to save money, instead of spend it, when it comes to what I want or need. I’m not trying to sound completely unselfish, but I do find it more comfortable buying for the kids or the house before myself. Chris took the initiative and bought me the camera I’ve been eyeing for many, many moons. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the expense, but Chris assured me that there will never be a good time to buy it. It is beautiful. I haven’t been able to play with it yet, but that’s what the weekend is for!

The evening out was wonderful. Good wine, fish and company. I was so touched by the time and effort put in by the three of them. Harrison and Ella made me cards and sang to me. It was just perfect. I felt appreciated and loved – it doesn’t get much better.

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