Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm a bad ass...really, I swear!

I worked today until 8:15 PM - the third night this week that I was out. I am exhausted, but feel remiss for not posting anything substantial since last week. I asked Susie Sunshine for some ideas and she suggested a few things. One thing stuck out – she suggested I “…write about something you did back in the day. Were you ever a naughty kid? I can't even imagine it.” What is that supposed to mean? Do I really come off as some goody-goody? I want to dispel this impression, but can’t think of anything that I would be willing to let my mother read. I guess I could risk it and hope she doesn’t read today:

7th grade – smoked some cigarettes and shoplifted Binaca to cover my bad breath

See, Susie, I can be naughty.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more riveting writing about my torrid past.

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