Monday, May 30, 2005

Summer is here

*pictures to come when I fix my WONDERFUL 20D download software problems

Four days off. Four glorious days. Chris had to work most of Friday, but it was still a long weekend full of family and fun. Just being able to move more slowly was a joy in itself. Conversations weren’t as rushed. Patience seemed longer. Smiles were more prevalent.

Saturday was hot and sunny. Chris rode his bike with his brothers for over four hours. He’s training for a 100 mile ride next Saturday. He was still able to work around the house and grill us one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time. (He says the secret to good grilling is to stay right by the Weber full time with a Guiness at his side.)

Harrison’s birthday party was Sunday, and just as he requested, we invited one friend (plus a brother and two parents) to celebrate. We kept it low key with a picnic at the Dinosaur Park. Harrison truly enjoyed the attention showered on him by people he’s comfortable with. It’s nice to know that we can give him what he needs. We ate lunch and cake first, then walked through the park enjoying the life-size model dinosaurs. Harry’s favorite part was playing paleontologist using paint brushes in a sand box to expose dinosaur “fossils”. After the kids had seen all the dinosaurs they could see, we took the scenic route home and explored a new canyon. It was absolutely beautiful…green meadows, horse farms, snow capped mountains. I had to pinch myself a few times as I reflected on how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. The scenes we saw – especially around Snowbasin Ski Resort – reminded me of my trip to Interlaken, Switzerland back in my twenties. (Did I mention I get to live here???!!!!!)

Today was also a great day. Harrison, still on overload from socializing all day yesterday, has declared today “I’m wearing my jammies all day” Day. Content with the rain and cold that has overtaken this Memorial Day, he has been playing with his new castle, his trains, Tinker Toys, and all sorts of other indoor toys. Ella was getting bored, however, of being home all day and decided to go shopping with me. I felt like going to a large suburban mall – the first one I’ve explored since moving here – and we had a ball. I definitely have my hands full, however. This girl can shop. She has definite likes and dislikes. Shoes are one of her favorites. She talked me into some metallic purple flip flops with large flowers that can be interchanged or even worn in her hair. What more does a three year old diva need for summer? She never told me that she was petering out after about two hours, but I think I figured it out when she sat down in the middle of the walkway at Nordstrom’s . I noticed she wasn’t right next to me and looked back to see her face in her hands and sitting down. “I think I need a rest,” she calmly exclaimed.

Tonight the sun is shining again and the temperature is back up to a palpable number. One more dinner on the grill before we start another crazy week of work and preschool.

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