Thursday, August 24, 2006

Should I quit my job tomorrow or just wait till Monday?

After becoming "comfortable" with the new routine - two sitters rotating in and out of the house as I started back at work two weeks ago - the kids had change in that routine on Wednesday. Harrison started school and Ella had a friend from preschool over for most of the day. Ella had fun, but a seven hour play date is too much for anyone. Today, while Harry got to run off to school again, giddy and excited, Ella went to the neighbors' for the day. Normally, this would be quite a treat. She loves the mother of this family and they have a girl about her age and a year and a half old baby. It's Ella's dream house - real baby paraphenalia all over the place!

Today, however, she was tentative to leave the house. She woke up a bit late and didn't have enough time to just wake up in her own surroundings. I left for work knowing that she was in excellent care and tried to brush off her clingy-ness.

Nine and a half hours later, my two beautiful kids bound into the kitchen. Tonight was Back to School Night for parents only. We had 45 minutes to make dinner, eat and catch up on everyone's day before they were going back to the neighbors' to share their sitter. Both of them were amazingly resilient to my hurriedness. They peeled their own corn on the cob and didn't squabble as they normally do.

Harrison left the room for some reason and Ella declared her thoughts:

Ella: "Mama, I didn't handle things too good today."

Me: Amazed that she was using this expression, I made her repeat herself. "What? What did you say?"

Ella: "I didn't HANDLE things very good today."

Me: I had visions of her not sharing with her friend, or using poor manners at lunch. "What do you mean?"

Ella: "I couldn't handle that you were gone all day. I really missed you."

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