Monday, August 21, 2006

My little boy is growing up

Here it is – two days before the first day of first grade. It’s post-bath time and I’m logging in my Weight Watcher points for the 153rd day (seriously, I just counted) while Harrison is behind me loudly slurping from his straw the remains of his homemade smoothie. We just had a great mother-son discussion that I wanted to write down so that I never forget the ever-changing dreams of my first-born.

Me: “That was really nice of you to teach Ella some words in the bath just now.”

Harry: “I put the letters “e” and “t” together and then put different letters in front of them to make words.”

Me: “I know, dear, that was really great. She was really learning. Are you going to be a teacher when you grow up?”

Harry: “NOOOOOoooooo!!!! I want to be a firefighter, (pause) and an army guy (pause) and a police officer.”

Me: “All at the same time?”

Harry: “Yup.”

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