Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Skiing with a five year old

I would have to admit that teaching a five year old is easier than a three year old.
Before our arduous descent, (Harrison went down the mountain - for about an hour - under Chris' arm. He had a much smoother ride than his sister!) the afternoon was actually pretty fun.

Harry's skiing skills improved dramatically, as did Ella's. Both were nervous and timid as they attempted to first ski down the bunny hill. It was a pretty "bunny" bunny hill, though. There was a sign at the bottom of the run listing all the important facts - name of the run, etc. The only fact I remember was the vertical rise - 8 feet. The rise was so shallow that it was hard at times to keep the skis moving!

The great thing, though, is that both kids even went up the T-bar solo after a few runs and gained some confidence. Well...until the blue run fiasco. Posted by Picasa

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