Sunday, January 22, 2006

point and shoot

Saturday night, Chris and I had a night out with some of his buddies that were in town, for skiing, from Wisconsin. I haven't been out a lot since ... about...October. Anyway, the wait for a table was two hours. I really didn't think I had too much to drink. I just ordered a few beers. I ate a great meal (orange roughy), had a nice glass of Pinot Noir and then went home feeling fine.

We have a great babysitter and she politely listened to our stories of the evening and even smiled nicely as Chris showed her how he had cleaned the inside of the refrigerator Saturday afternoon. "Look Hannah! Each shelf sparkles - it took me TWO hours!" (Hannah is an obsessive cleaner and apparently he felt she was the only one who would truly appreciate his effort.)

She then filled us in on her evening. She made us feel better about Ella's clinginess lately, "Ella only cried for a minute after you left", and then expanded with lots of compliments about how great our kids are. (She knows we are suckers for that!) "They went right to bed, but Ella started to cry again. They decided that she would feel better if she slept with Harrison." I was completely shocked when she told me this. Ella and Harry have never slept together, and when we have ever tried (on vacation,etc.) it's always a disaster that includes lots of goofing around and kicking. Hannah said that they went right up in Harrison's upper bunk and fell asleep immediately.

I grabbed my camera as I had to capture this moment. The room was pitch dark, and I was standing on a step ladder to get the perfect shot. I remember thinking that I had really centered the shot and got a good one after taking this.

Maybe I should have skipped the wine. Posted by Picasa

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