Friday, October 21, 2005

Watch out, Emeril!

I get to stay home this morning with the kids because Ella is not "significantly better" by today which means we need to go back to the doctor. Her orders.

I jumped in the shower hoping they would both stay put, but I had this feeling.

Sure enough - when I got out, Harrison had the bowl for pancakes out, the mix and a glass of water. He had gone ahead and mixed up the batter without me. No measuring cups needed. My first instinct - besides wondering how we were going to use the five gallons of batter he had mixed up - was to assume that his pancake mix would be bad. Not as good as mine - the one I create by following the dirctions impeccably.

I added a bit of mix because the dough seemed watery. I made some pancakes before my addition, though. Wouldn't you know - his mix was better. His pancakes were lighter and fluffier. Damn kid. Posted by Picasa

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