Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The negotiating is over....for now.

The buyers, I'm convinced, are bi-polar. One minute they want to live in the historic register neighborhood in which our house is located more than anything - the next they are freaked out because the garage is not in the best condition. So what if one of the windows broke in their hands when they tried to open it? They are original, wavy and OLD - 110 years old to be exact. I know that that can be disconcerting, but they know that things like that go with the territory. The furnace worked well during our tenure, but amazingly their inspector (Uncle Bob who just happens to be a heating contractor posing as an inspector) found seven hundred dollars worth of repair work. They love the three fireplaces in the downstairs main living areas. Female buyer C has already commissioned portraits to be done of her three kids to put over "her" three new mantels. They don't love the knob and tube wiring in the attic. If it is not repaired, they will walk.

We have decided to just give them what they want - money off the already incredibly low price and some cash back to fix a few things. I have contacted a lender who AMAZINGLY is willing to give us some money to cover these expenses and the final loss amount. Closing is set for the end of the month. THIS month. By Halloween it could all be over. By Halloween we could be ready to begin the next stage of our life. I need to think of a really creative and symbolic costume to celebrate this gigantic event.

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