Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did I teach my son to say that?

Harry is not a big talker. Not the kind to give me lots of details about his day. I have to go to my neighbor to find out what’s really going on in his class. Today, however, was a little different. Usually I have to beg to get even tiny tidbits of information about anything going on in his Kindergarten world. Not today. I give credit to a stranger. An important stranger - Harrison's first substitute teacher.

Me: “Did you smile for your picture today?” (retakes – first one is pretty horrid)

Harry: “I didn’t get my picture taken today. We had a substitute today and she got all freaked out and forgot.”

Me: “What?”

Harry: “Yeah, she got mixed up and forgot.”

Me: (fuming because now I’m stuck with the goofy original picture due to this woman) “That’s okay – we all make mistakes.”

Harry: “Oh – you know what else happened? Julian got hurt on the playground and she really started freaking out.”

Me: (not sure if I should laugh or be alarmed) “What happened to Julian?”

Harry: “He got hurt and ran inside. She was really freaking out.”

Me: “She thought Julian was lost?”

Harry: “Yeah, she was really freaking out.”

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