Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Weekdays I set the alarm for 5 AM so that I can run before work. Weekends are gold to me. The kids sleep till about 7:15-7:45 and I feel like I’m on vacation. Last Saturday, however, I was awakened by a loud “ping” noise. I looked at the clock – 5:24 AM. I jumped out of bed thinking I was late. As I shuffled into the kitchen I remembered it was Saturday and got really mad. Out the window, in my driveway, were four adult men. Seemingly intelligent men until this particular morning. They were affixing extra bike racks to our bunny bus (a.k.a. Warner Bros. Chevy Van with Bugs Bunny emblems) and dropped a wrench on the concrete which awakened me. It was the day of the Tour de Cure for Diabetes. Chris, his two brothers and a friend were riding 100 miles to raise money. It seemed pretty stupid at that hour, but they all seemed pretty excited so I tried to act supportive.

I wandered back in the kitchen with a couple of options racing through my head. I could surf the Internet. I could clean uninterrupted by screaming little ones with sticky hands and dirty feet. I could make a hot breakfast. I could go back to bed. I chose sleep.

The ride took them all day as the starting line was 90 minutes north from our driveway. Also, one of Chris’ brothers is not really in his best riding form. He just started riding about six weeks ago. He did make it, but it was a long day for all. On days like this – when I have the kids alone all day – I tend to freak out a bit. I lose my patience more quickly and I am scrambling for things to keep the kids entertained. This particular day alone was different. Both kids were in unusually great moods. Harrison even asked Ella to dance with him. If you knew Harry better, you would know how amazing this is. This lovely boy of mine does not really enjoy music, let alone like to dance. You should have seen him this past Saturday. He grabbed his sister and led her through a choreographed number. Honestly. I couldn’t believe it. She neither. You should have seen her face when he tried to twirl her. She was so confused, but he stayed patient and taught her.

It was one of those moments I will tell them about as teenagers when they’re fighting over the car.

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