Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another glorious and sunny day in the City of Lakes

When does one become a regular? How many times do you have to go somewhere to gain this status? Do you need to order the same item each time, or will they just remember your face? This is my third visit, during my four days in Minneapolis, to the same funky coffee shop. I really like it here. I am looking forward to bringing my family here with me when we return in a few weeks. There is even a toy box sitting next to the chair I always sit in. What a different experience I’ll have when I have three extra people with me. I imagine it won’t be as relaxing, but I’m sure it will be interesting.

I’m sipping another Depth Charge preparing myself for the big trip home. I fly out in four hours. My mom and I have kind of hit the wall when it comes to sorting and tossing. We have made a small dent in the house, but I think my trip has energized the whole family. My dad has been working hard on cleaning the deck and the outdoor furniture since I’ve been here. That may not sound like much of a task for the last three days, but when my dad does something – he does it well. He took a knife and scraped gunk out from between the planks. All of them. It’s a two-level large deck. He’s nuts. My brother came by today and is starting a weed killing project. All in all, I think the momentum has begun.

I’m feeling much better this afternoon. We’re all getting along and the appreciative comments and compliments on my cooking/baking are flying all over the place! See…that’s all I needed! My mom truly enjoyed the Pepper Steak dinner I made for her today and even told me that she LOVED my oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies (originally she said she didn’t like chocolate anymore and wished they were crispier). That was yesterday. Today they’re spectacular. I need to remember all of this for the next time I’m feeling upset about all the moodiness in the house.

Everything going on in my parents’ lives is extremely stressful. Why did I ever expect them to act normally? Deep breaths, sleep (which I cannot seem to get!!!) and frequent trips to my coffee shop are definitely going to be on the agenda for the next trip.

Can’t wait to kiss my babies.

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