Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Coffee and wireless - it doesn't get much better!

I’m sitting in a funky little coffee shop in south Minneapolis sipping a “Depth Charge” (my new discovery – a shot of espresso in a cup of regular coffee) and I feel invigorated. My new mantra is “Just Do It.” I am accepting my four days of independence and doing what I want to do and saying what I want to say. There just isn’t time to do anything else.

I haven’t even been here for 24 hours, but needed a break from the house. My parents are fine, but bicker like crazy and I feel like a parent to both of them. I have to teach my dad how to grocery shop because he doesn't know how the hell to pick out cheese OR ground beef. You should've heard my mom go on and on. “Six dollars – SIX DOLLARS for cheese. Why did he buy so much? He always buys the biggest blocks!” Also we are going to learn to cook. Did you know that if you let red potatoes boil too long, and their peels start to come off, they are WAY too soft for potato salad. I pretty much told my mom that she was pretty lucky that my dad was even willing to make potato salad and that she should just appreciate it. That went over well.

We didn't get too far today with our sorting and packing. I found about 4 BILLION pictures and that slowed us down because of course we had to look at each and every one of them and recount what was going on in each and every one. It can take some time.

I have also become the physical therapist from hell. My mom is supposed to be walking down the hallway once an hour. She never did this until I moved in. Now I'm the Nazi trainer and she is up - like it or not - walking about 40 feet each hour on the hour. She cries, whines, but I don't give in. C'mon...I know you have cancer and you can't breathe too well, but your muscles are atrophying. YOU NEED TO WALK! The funny thing is that she likes it - welcomes it - and finds it another reason to complain about my dad. "Your father just doesn't make me do things like this. Thank you, Carol." You're welcome!!

Well, my coffee cup is almost empty and I should probably get to the bakery for the dark rye my mom has wanted, but hasn’t asked my dad to get for her because it’s too far away, but she really wants it. My GOD woman! “Eat the bread you want,” I yelled at her.

So, I’m off until I can get wireless access again (and because it’s cocktail hour – yea! For Minnesota and it’s liberal liquor laws!!) Thanks for all the kind comments of support. This is an incredibly weird experience to go through and I truly appreciate the understanding.

P.S. I really think Ted Kaczynski's twin is sitting across from me.

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