Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too much

Lately I feel as if life has gone into overdrive. Let me list why:

1) The kids are in two activities for the first time - soccer and gymnastics. Soccer involves two games on Saturday and then two practices during the week. Gymnastics, thank god, is only once a week. They are in separate classes, but they are held at the same time.

2) Harrison has started a third activity that is twice a week for an hour and a half - also after school. I am being vague on purpose, but just know that we wouldn't put him in this if it wasn't a good thing.

3) The yard is under construction. This means many things. Mud is all over the kitchen floor. Trenches, as deep and wide as the Nile, are all over which tends to be a bit of a safety issue for two short children. The contractor, as mentioned, is my brother in law. We're trying to help him jumpstart his new contracting business. Unfortunately, I'm starting to realize why he may be having some issues with success.

4) I am still without a job for next year. There are two positions available in my new district - one full time, one part time. I am waiting to be called for an interview for the full time opening. I just learned that two other counselors are planning to apply. Being the new kid - I doubt I have a chance. That said, I'll be able to apply for the opening that they leave behind, or the half time position. Most of the time I feel confident that I'll get some position, but then there are other moments when I worry that I'll interview through June and be left with nothing.

5) I lost my cell phone yesterday. Retraced my steps (only had to go to one small park and one small market) but couldn't find it. Called it and ran around the house and went back into the car. Nothing. Couldn't see it nor hear it. I called and had it turned off which made for an extremely long day today (even though I always swore I didn't really need a cell phone). This afternoon - right before I left work to go volunteer at Ella's school - I decided to look under the seats in the car, etc. Wouldn't you know it? It was right on the passenger seat. Right there. Staring at me.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted - and it's only Wednesday.


Kbreints said...

You know... some weeks seem like they won't end and then others fly by without a breath. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. I am sure that the arrival of spring with brighten everyones moods!

Irene said...

(((hugs))) to you my friend.

Psycho Kitty said...

I have sucked so mightily at reading the blogs of people I admire and just friggin' like for ages.
Let's just say you're right: Our lives are REALLY similar. I can't find any of my bras right now. Sigh. Hey, maybe it's a Rocky Mtn thing...think we can blame it on the altitude?

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow- and I thought I was exhausted with a 7-week-old, a sick 3-year-old, and visiting in-laws.

You've got me beat!