Sunday, April 15, 2007

I haven't stopped shaking my head


We've lived in our house almost three years and this is the first remodeling project we have attempted because our house was pretty move-in ready. We also had remodeling-itus after working steadily on our circa 1895 house back in Green Bay for the four years prior.
Last week, Chris mentioned that we should start on our plans for a deck, before summer, so that we can enjoy it this year. That turned into - "Let's put on a front porch, too, while we're at it." Which became, "You know, the retaining wall is leaning and really should be replaced." And of course, "With a new wall and deck, we need a better fence." So a mini-backhoe and bobcat were delivered Friday afternoon to the delight of the little boys in the neighborhood. Yesterday we all put on our grubbies and played in the dirt. I just didn't realize that one of the outcomes of this project would be that we wouldn't have to mow this year.


Dee said...

HOLY COW. Good luck!

Meg said...

BINGO!!!! My yard has no grass, but it does have thousands of nails sticking out of the dirt thanks to the roofing and siding crews! Enjoy the project!!!!

TBG said...

OMG you can do it!

Look at that!

Wow that is a little boys heaven!

Julia said...

you lived in Green bay? I just started reading your blog (link from Dooce) ~ I live in De Pere : )