Monday, January 29, 2007

Clean Air

We're experiencing an inversion in Salt Lake. It's a fancy word for bad-ass smog. Thick smog. Can't see the mountains through it smog. It's even taking on a color - I call it taupe. Yesterday we drove up to Park City to breathe. The health officials advise against outdoor exercise right now. They even say that we should cover our mouths and noses when we go out. (And I chose to move here for the beautiful nature and scenery?) So we drove above the smog into the mountains and went to our favorite park. We avoided the movie stars and enjoyed the suburban lifestyle where people have houses with more than one bathroom.

It was blissful.


TBG said...

the kids are getting so big! The sky is beautiful!

Meg said...

You amaze me! You can take something that is rather depressing and make it FUNNY! Man I miss you! Can you make it to Champps Friday night???

Anonymous said...

I just love that you do this so I can read about our life in story form, don't ever stop. I am your public too. Chris.