Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Down five

So, here we go again. I’m back on Weight Watchers. What is this? My fifth or sixth time? I don’t know anymore. I am not going to meetings or paying to get weighed. I don’t need to – I know the system so well, and already own all their “tools”, so why bother? I would love to know why I keep losing and gaining the same 10-15 lbs. over and over again, but frankly – I’m sick of thinking about it.

I have a couple of different incentives this time. First, I have become extremely embarrassed about how I look in a bathing suit. This is an issue because there is a pretty cool indoor pool in our neighborhood. Ella had an invite to a birthday party there a few weeks ago and I donned a suit as she isn’t extremely comfortable swimming alone. It was excruciatingly awful – exposing myself in front of all the other preschool moms and dads. Both kids had a blast and expressed interest in returning as soon as possible. All I could think about was how I was going to distract this thought from their heads. I’m not sure this is a great parenting technique. Also, I am heading to Florida in late March. More bathing suit wearing. Yuck.

I’ve got another incentive – I want to win a contest. I’m not normally a competitive person. Being competitive means that one excels at something. I usually am more in the “moderately competent” area of things rather than excelling. However, after all the dieting I’ve done over the years, I have found my greatest skill. I can lose weight. For a while. Which is why this contest is perfect for me – it’s only six weeks long. It’s cleverly called “The Biggest Loser”. It’s being held at my new school. I figured I could use a boost and reluctantly joined. I didn’t have a team, so I was put on one. I am now on a team (The Desperate Housewives) with three other non-teachers and THE PRINCIPAL. This changed everything. I now feel a stronger expectation to take the contest seriously.

All of a sudden, I’ve started eating in the teacher’s lounge so that I can appear as more of a team player. I am exchanging dieting tips with anyone and everyone. It’s actually a bit scary – I’m really knowledgeable. People are seeking me out to find out the name of my 1 point bread and my brand of ice cream sandwich (Skinny Cow, by the way.) I guess this is one way to finally get to know my co-workers a bit better.

I’ve been somewhat reclusive since I started this new job. I stuck to my work, stayed in my office and only ventured out when I needed something. Now, however, I am starting to (gasp) make some new friends. I’m not going to go crazy, or anything. No scrap booking parties or happy hours, but I do exchange weekend stories with a few people once in awhile now. This diet thing, though, is my ticket. It really has everyone talking.
By the way – I’m tied for first place.


Caroline said...

Oh my! LOVE that shot!

Sharkey said...

Go Carol, go Carol!

I don't even have the discipline to lose the 10-15 pounds the first time, so you've already got me beat!

Love, love, love the colors in the photo.

blackbird said...

First place!


Sarah said...

I'm honestly pleased pink that you've found a "contest" that gets you involved with your colleagues and helps you kick those last few pounds.

Don't give up, and congrats on the 1st place!

TBG said...

Good luck on WW. I am back on as well. I just posted some low point options that I like, I think I included you in my email!

If you would like a weight loss buddy along the way let me know. I know you dont know the other ladies but I will be your buddy if you are just comfortable with me. I dont bite but you know that already!

TBG said...

I know you have the people at work but if you are looking for a one on one buddy I am here!

Daphne said...

This is my predicament - four times over the course of two years I lost ten pounds, but then quickly gained that back and added another ten. Which put me up 40 pounds. Not good. I was desperate to find an answer to this self-destructive pattern and in a circuitous route found a woman who is both a personal trainer/nutritionist and a trained therapist. Leaving her advice on nutrition and exercise aside from this comment, some things she's helped me identify as problems are all-or-nothing thinking and a manic, unsustainable approach to food and exercise. In other words, I would burn out. I've also begun to address some previously unrecognized issues (related to my mother, what else!) which were contributing greatly to my overeating. So don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes it's more than just knowing the right foods to eat. Good luck!

Sitting said...

You already know I am right there with you. go go go!

And I love Skinny Cow. And the Nature's Own Double Fiber bread is one point for 2 slices AND counts as a milk/calcium. ;)

Irene said...

you go girl!

Mom Underground said...

Way to work it! What's the prize for winning the contest? Anything good?

Meg said...

Good Luck Carol! I think you look awesome the way you are! I feel a little bit sorry for your co-workers...no happy hour??? That was one of our favs!!!!!!!!