Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Harrison is six today. It has been a year of growth. He is finishing Kindergarten and is a beginning reader. He can play board games without throwing the pieces everywhere. He has learned to play catch and has really shown an interest in baseball. He is making friends and starting to ask for play dates. He occasionally uses his manners without being prompted. He can create ships and robots out of a pile of loose Legos. He can follow a treasure map. His drawing skills have expanded dramatically, as well as his writing abilities. He is about to lose his second tooth. He likes to be called "Harry" because it's easier to write.

My little preschooler is definitely becoming an elementary student. It's hard to believe.

He decorated this cake all by himself.

He loves the movie "Sandlot" which is about a bunch of boys playing baseball. We got him a brand new baseball in the wrapper in honor of the movie. Ella got him an airplane that is harder to fly than we thought. Dad had to give Harrison some advice.

Chris had a hard time following his own advice. It ended up in the neighbor's tree.

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